Performance Review

Performance reviews require accurate, timely, relevant, and reliable financial and non-financial information, if the objectives of the review are to be met. We develop fundamental building blocks in support of all phases of the performance review, from planning, to implementation, performance measurement and reporting in order to deliver value-for-money to our clients.

Simply stated, a performance review is the process of seeking "real-time" answers to the question: "Are we getting what we expect, in a reasonable time, in a useable format, at an acceptable cost?" If this question is responded to properly, we may then learn what is happening, in order to identify problems, make corrections, and demonstrate success.

The variety and complexity of an organization’s principal lines of business call for a broad range of approaches to the performance review - what works for regulation, inspection and licensing services will differ from what is needed for information-based products, funded assistance programs, and policy initiatives. The "one-size-fits-all" approach simply does not work.

Our experience in conducting Canadian Airport Performance Evaluations is second to none. Since 2001 we have conducted more than 40 performance evaluations at 17 of the 26 airports in the Canadian National Airports System, and two of the three regional airports in Alberta.