Risk Management

We have much experience in developing Integrated Risk Management Frameworks for airports. These have involved the assessment of current risk management capacity, the determination of risk tolerance, the development of strategic risk management direction, the integration of risk management into decision making, reporting on performance, building risk management capacity, and institutionalizing the practise of an integrated risk management system.

We have experience in developing roles and responsibilities for the CEO and his/her senior management team. We have engaged external review and audit staff to validate compliance, identify critical events, volumes, and financial issues.

We have conducted workshop and planning sessions to design corporate “infrastructure” for risk management in order to enhance understanding and communication of risk issues internally, demonstrate senior management support, and provide clear direction to those responsible for managing risk.

We establish that risk management needs to be aligned with the overall objectives, corporate focus, strategic direction, operating practices and internal culture. We establish where risk management is with respect to priority setting, revenue allocation, existing governance and decision-making structures, and operational and strategic planning.