Sustainability is an important topic for Rideau Consultants, and in addressing this, we follow these core beliefs:

  • Success with sustainability requires us to focus and align our priorities with our core strategy, rather than pursuing headlines or pet projects.
  • It is imperative to prioritize sustainability efforts to reflect our full footprint and critical stakeholders.
  • Clearly defined ambition and goals will help ensure that sustainability initiatives contribute to our competitive advantage.
  • While the business case may not always be obvious, we often find creative solutions for generating returns and value through sustainability actions.
  • Reaching our full potential requires us to successfully embed sustainability in our strategy, operations and culture.

This is not an ad-hoc initiative, but our core belief.  Consequently, while keeping these core beliefs at “top-of-mind”, we conduct our consulting efforts with focus and to the benefit of our clients. We are committed to increasing our social and public sector involvement and making sustainability our priority. We are proud to be CarbonNeutral® and to contribute in meaningful ways to effect lasting social change through our Volunteer and Social Impact program.